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Four Weeks With God

Learn Valuable Principles and Inspiration Week by Week

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Whether you have a desire to start your own business or your own ministry, the principles taught in this course will give you a good headstart and foundation.

The teachings in this course were originally given as a Daily Business Devotional; extending over a period of Four Weeks.

During that period, Apostle Les D. Crause touched on all of the most important principles that are needed to succeed in business. This series is thus a kind of skyscraper view of business, allowing you to see all of the important factors that you need to start working on to make yourself into a true Entrepreneur.

Enlarge Your Visions

There are gems in this course, that when put together will change you from the inside out and enlarge your vision for business. You will also see some of the most valuable principles from the Scriptures that are needed to do business God's Way.

Les shares day by day from his heart, opening the door for you to look inside a true Entrepreneur and understand the motivations and desires that should burn in you.

The principles in this course can be used like a check list. You can go over them again and again to remind yourself of what is important for you to succeed. They will become a kind of reference for you to go back to again in the future, each time you hit problems.

How It Works - Your Free Course

If you sign up for this course, you will receive from us a lesson a week, free of charge. This course is a full, comprehensive study course, very much like the ones that we are offering in the GBM Academy at

The Four Months with God Course consists of 20 full lessons, which include a little introduction and a practical project for you to apply all the principles learned in each lesson. 

If you are interested, then we would like to invite you to join as a subscriber by clicking the following link (which you can also find at the top of this page):

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You will need to reply to an email sent to your mailbox so that we can verify your email address. Once you have been confirmed as a subscriber, you will start getting your lessons for FREE in the mail each week. You will also be able to send your feedbacks and communicate with your lecturer, who will be allocated to you at the beginning of the course. You will receive free training from us, to help you get going with your visions and help you to rise up as the Entrepreneur that the Lord has called you to be.

Number of Lessons

This course consists of 20 Lessons covering the following subjects:

Lesson 01- Developing Wisdom and Understanding

Lesson 02- Discovering Your Hidden Gems

Lesson 03- Identifying Your Deepest Desires

Lesson 04- Developing Your Core Desires

Lesson 05- Stirring Up Your Core Desires

Lesson 06- Using Diligence to Develop Your Skills

Lesson 07- Learning How to Keep Motivated

Lesson 08- How to Develop New Ideas

Lesson 09- How to Get Revelation For Business

Lesson 10- Finding The Right Timing For Ideas

Lesson 11- Using Love to Influence Others

Lesson 12- Tapping Into Supernatural Wisdom

Lesson 13- Learning How to Journal for Business

Lesson 14- Avoiding False Worldly Principles

Lesson 15- Assessing Your Net Worth and Value

Lesson 16- How to Rise Above Your Feelings

Lesson 17- Learning How to Sell

Lesson 18- Building Circles of Influence

Lesson 19- Moving From Learner to Teacher

Lesson 20- How to Build an Organization


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