Free Apostolic Course

Identify and Recognize the Call to the Apostolic

It't Time to Walk Out Your Apostolic Calling

The Apostolic Calling Book

Curriculum for This Course

The Walk Out Your Apostolic Calling Study Course

The materials used for this course are the Apostolic Calling ebook or book. 

Lectures Available For This Course

Signs That You Are Called to be an Apostle

Lecture No 1. How to Identify an Apostle
Lecture No 2. General Signs of Calling
Lecture No 3. Specific Signs of Calling
Lecture No 4. Different Kinds of Apostle
Lecture No 5. Apostles in Scripture
Lecture No 6. More Specific Signs

The Cost of Being an Apostle

Lecture No 7. The Price You Will Have to Pay
Lecture No 8. National, Religious and Family Heritage
Lecture No 9. Leaving Your Comfort Zone

How God Prepares the Apostle

Lecture No 10. A More Difficult Preparation
Lecture No 11. Preparation for the Evangelistic Ministry
Lecture No 12. Preparation for the Pastoral and Teaching Ministries
Lecture No 13. Preparation for the Prophetic and Apostolic Ministries
Lecture No 14. From Prophet to Apostle
Lecture No 15. Social Preparation

Apostolic Leadership Part 1

Lecture No 16. An Image of an Apostolic Leader
Lecture No 17. Dealing With Insecurities
Lecture No 18. Stepping Out in Boldness

Apostolic Leadership Part 2

Lecture No 19. A Leader With God's Vision
Lecture No 20. Being a Leader to Others
Lecture No 21. Becoming the Leader

The Apostolic Anointing Part 1

Lecture No 22. Elements of the Anointing
Lecture No 23. How the Fivefold Ministries Work
Lecture No 24. Keys of the Anointing

The Apostolic Anointing Part 2

Lecture No 25. An Anointing of Authority
Lecture No 26. How to Get the Anointing

The Mandate of the Apostle

Lecture No 27. Fruitful Trees
Lecture No 28. The Seven Church Types
Lecture No 29. Role of the Apostle

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